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Cov19Test Redesign

Dotweb completed a redesign of Cov19Test. During the project we came up with an intuitive solution for users to find covid testing sites close to their location. We also automated a hotline email system to reduce human labor and optimize email support systems. 

Built in 43

Immotrust Schweiz

Immotrust Schweiz is a newly founded Zurich real estate company. Their new website focuses on accessible, thoughtful UI for their senior user base. With functionality at the forefront, we integrated real estate software solutions into their site, and lead magnets in the form of text calculators, guides and more.

Built in 52

Lobøttle Store

Lobøttle was a new sustainable water bottle brand looking for a clean new website. We designed their site on the Shopify platform with their existing corporate identity in mind. Using their existing online presence as our guide, we created a website that puts their mission and products at the forefront. 

Built in 37

Built in 37

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